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Mid-Life Crisis by Nelson Mongiovi

Half a century old, I feel like
a starfish stranded on the shore
reaching for water
in five different directions.

A new shade of night
has descended upon me;
the weight of my choices
drips from my eyes.

Ruin has become a habit
impossible to break.
Only my shadow welcomes me
in the dim light.

My lucid moments
are no longer frequent
or as good
as the psychotic.

I hate this life
so deeply,
almost as deeply
as I love it.


One thought on “Mid-Life Crisis by Nelson Mongiovi

  1. Nelson’s lifelong passion for all forms of poetry is reflected in his various writing styles.

    Rollicking ballads, free verse, simple rhyme, limericks, Haiku and allegory are all used in his efforts to find a unique voice.

    While his chap book, The Grass Hisses is a compilation of “dark work”, the author is currently working on two other volumes of poetry with much lighter themes.

    Nelson describes himself as, “just another writer dangerously close to being somewhat understood.”

    His poems have been featured in print and online in various publications.

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