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Her room my house by Christy O Donnell

Having lived in my home alone now for some years,
The history of our home now came under a cloud,
I lived here I said with the usual woes and fears,
And for the most part I’m proud,

They found out there was a murder committed in this place,
And wanted to know who what where and why,
So I told them there were times when I saw the woman’s face,
The look on my brow told them I didn’t lie,

In winter she passes me at times on the stairs,
But always when I am alone and at night,
I could tell they were shocked by their astonished glares,
Its ok I told them she never gives me a fright,
There are times when I lay asleep in my bed,
And I forget to close the room where she died,
She will pass me in the landing, sometimes nods her head,
But there were times she was angry and would not be denied,
I’d be lying in bed letting off the odd snore,
When the bedroom would suddenly become cold,
You see I would have forgotten to close that door,
The duvet ending up on the landing and that’s me told,

So I’d get up and lock the door to that room,
Picking up my duvet and head back to my bed,
And when I awoke in the morning a feeling of gloom,
That light would be on and the door open instead,

For the most part I say we get along her and I,
And if she’s angry and I want to keep my duvet off the floor,
Nothing more for it but to remember I’ll try,
To close and shut her bedroom door,
To this day it’s her room for it is where she died,
And no woman has ever set an eye on her ghost,
And any man who’s slept in it knows I haven’t lied,
It may be her room but it’s my house and I’m a fair host.
And the man who killed her lest I somehow forget,
If you gaze out her window you’ll see where he met his tragic death.


3 thoughts on “Her room my house by Christy O Donnell

  1. Christy O Donnell is Irish, he’s 50 yrs old (he never thought he’d make it this far in life).
    He likes to turn stressful situations into humourous poetry.
    He likes fishing.
    He was brought up in a family of 10 girls 3 boys.
    He loves to laugh and see people have a good time.
    He reads and writes poetry in the Whitehouse Bar in Limerick as well as on the Nail Run by the Limerick Literary Center.

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