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3 Poems by Gary Beck


For many years
our way of life
was the tao of oil,
that heated our homes,
fueled our cars,
was used so much
we never thought
we were addicted.
Now that we are hooked,
strung out,
the pushers have gone mad,
driven by greed
beyond all reason,
threatening to leave us
trapped in darkness.

Evolving Education

So many youth
are alienated
from our schools,
the only institutions
with any chance
to alter mind-sets
dangerously shaped
by neglect in the home,
tv violence,
lures of the street.

The lost find comfort
on the internet.

As resentment grows
because they didn’t get
what they wanted,
or got what they didn’t want,
they channel their efforts
into plans of revenge
on teachers and classmates,
hated rejecters,
deserving retribution.

Art History

The earliest art in caves
was elemental in nature,
the hunt, primitive physics,
the basics of survival

As man evolved, so did art,
passing through many stages
with religion and warfare
the primary subjects.

Then the French Revolution
executed patrons of the arts
and artists needed new markets,
so they glorified the people.

But art was still recognizable,
despite Impressionist blurring,
until treacherous cubists
smashed traditional forms.

That was confusing enough
for bewildered collectors,
then Kandinsky finished them off
by removing realism.

The brushes of art moved faster
with rapidly changing styles
and Abstract Expressionists
splattered our understanding.

An enterprising monkey
became a wealthy painter
by splashing paint on canvas
and signing it Jackson Rhesus.

New schools of art came and went
quickly and to such acclaim
that buyers needed experts
to tell them what they liked.

The former boundaries of art
were irrevocably shattered
and artists offered grotesqueries
to a culturally challenged public.

Now dead animals, artifacts,
human excrement, are scooped up
by the purchasers of fashion,
eager to make an art statement.

Critics no longer have standards,
lauding the most absurd efforts
of anyone doing anything,
no matter how silly or sterile.

One artist aspires to pile
390,500 oil barrels
500 feet high,
in an Arabian desert.

This monument would be permanent,
a metaphor of emptiness
that would obviously reflect
the current perception of art.


One thought on “3 Poems by Gary Beck

  1. Gary Beck has spent most of his adult life as a theater director. His chapbook ‘Remembrance’ was published by Origami Condom Press, ‘The Conquest of Somalia’ was published by Cervena Barva Press, ‘The Dance of Hate’ was published by Calliope Nerve Media, ‘Material Questions’ was published by Silkworms Ink, ‘Dispossessed’ was published by Medulla Press, ‘Mutilated Girls’ was published by Heavy Hands Ink, ‘Pavan and other poems’ was published by Indigo Mosaic and ‘Iraq Monologues’ was published by Atlantean Press. A collection of his poetry ‘Days of Destruction’ was published by Marie Celeste Press. Another collection ‘Expectations’ was published by Rogue Scholars Press, ‘Dawn in Cities’ was published by Winter Goose Publishing and ‘Assault on Nature’ is being published by Winter Goose Publishing. His novel ‘Extreme Change’ was published by Cogwheel Press and ‘Acts of Defiance’ is being published by Artema Press. His original plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes and Sophocles have been produced Off Broadway. His poetry and fiction has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines. He currently lives in New York City.

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