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3 Poems by Leilanie Stewart

The Venom of Medusa

Every night she falls
Into her own poison ambrosia
She gets what she deserves
For what she did


She tried to take him with her
But he’s walking away
From the edge of the cliff

He’s safe
At last.


Why does she sit
with her legs dangling
over the side of the bed?
the world
every last detail
of her life,
Yet it all amounts
to nothing
When it’s put
in the great spectrum
of all things;
the wheel that churns out
every android
that ever was

Fold-up box

How does one fight
when one is naked?
when one has nothing
to pull out of one’s sleeve
and defend oneself with?

If you go into a shop
and look for a box,
your eyes scour the room
for a three dimensional object
with six sides

But if the box is flat
you won’t see it at all,
and this feeling is exacerbated
if you find out that
you were in the box to start with


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