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My Father in the Night by Ronald Moran

My Father in the Night

I woke up to the dark of early morning, no light,
                       no splinters
of the moon poking through the blinds, wide
when I saw my father, in color against a black

from his waist up, older, as when he died,
                        his face
tanned, as if he had been in the sun, his hair
                        full, gray,
his eyes the only part of him moving, first
                        toward me,

then from side to side, then down, a blanket
                        on my
bed attracting him, as his image or presence
slowly to dissolve, so I said, You’re fading, Dad,
                        my only words

after 40 years, while his dissolution continued
                        like an object
disappearing in a whirlpool, and I was awake,
                        as awake
as I ever was, but not alarmed or frightened or

surprised, but powerless and saddened he had
                        to leave,
however he came: from my mind because I had
of him earlier, or from where I could not know,
                        not then.


One thought on “My Father in the Night by Ronald Moran

  1. Ronald Moran lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He was educated at Colby College and Louisiana State University. His poems have been published in Commonweal, Connecticut Poetry Review, Emrys Journal, Louisiana Review, North American Review, Northwest Review, The Orange Room Review, South Carolina Review, Southern Poetry Review, Southern Review, Tar River Poetry, and in eleven books/chapbooks of poetry. His poetry has received a number of awards and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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