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Final chapter by Christy O Donnell

They boarded up the old family home today,
Where the parents lived out their last days on this earth,
I watched the bolts go into the wall; I had nothing to say,
But just a little piece of me was torn apart,

They had thirteen children throughout their marriage,
They were not the most educated people to live,
They saw times from the old horse and carriage,
Yet in tough times and long hard years they would give,
A helping hand whenever it was needed,
Or a place to live for any who were just wed,
It was a full house and none were impeded,
And any who called there were always fed,

Relatives and friends of those who lived there,
Were given a room and a place to stay,
They did their best with what they had to be fair,
And the novena was religiously said every year,

But the shutters have now been firmly bolted to the wall,
On the memories of lives that came and went,
No more sounds of children playing in the hall,
Parents long since hopefully heaven sent,
And thirteen children now fully grown,
Some firm friends others perhaps not,
Who knew what futures or seeds were sown,
In this house or home on this family plot,

No more mortgage or rent will be paid,
No bills coming through the old front door,
No more worries of what might have been said,
Within a home that now is not home anymore,

The council have bought it and closed it down,
Soon it will be someone’s new place to live,
A new home a new family will settle on this ground,
My wish is the old family home will continue to give,
Future good times to whoever gets this place,
So many mixed emotions bolted firmly within that space.


3 thoughts on “Final chapter by Christy O Donnell

  1. Christy O Donnell is Irish, he’s 50 yrs old (he never thought he’d make it this far in life).
    He likes to turn stressful situations into humourous poetry.
    He likes fishing.
    He was brought up in a family of 10 girls 3 boys.
    He loves to laugh and see people have a good time.
    He reads and writes poetry in the Whitehouse Bar in Limerick as well as on the Nail Run by the Limerick Literary Center.

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