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Poem by Carlos Rojas

marine morocco
Walking the streets of Africa,
these massacres occur so unexpectedly
the other night some Marines died,
never be resurrected

everyone’s got a day & time,
nothing in life’s perfected
their families cry,

these are the times we see life in perspective
the purpose for the hurting,
these modern day disasters
I wish that I could call it,
I feel no one would answer
prayers for the dead
but they live on
as we continue fighting

these are my brothers,
this is family, we stand as one united
for all Marines who witnessed death but just couldn’t escape
may the Lord’s angels give you peace, and guide you to his gates


2 thoughts on “Poem by Carlos Rojas

  1. Carlos Rojas is a 27 year old Poet/Rapper & US Marine of Cuban/Colombian
    descent from Miami, Florida. Rhyming since the age of 12, he has opened up for and worked with many underground hip hop artist such as Planet Asia, Skarlit Rose, Wu-Tang affiliate M-Eighty, & Desire of The Temple of Hip Hop. He’s also a United States Marine who speaks on much of what he’s been through, and gives his thoughts on a variety of topics from religion, to politics and daily struggles. His main goal is to inspire & bring back reality in hip hop. He released his first album “My Testament” last year, & is scheduled to release his next Album Street Poetry in fall 2013.

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