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Photographs by Philip Vermaas

Copy of still life

Copy of still life

botanic dark

Army of Frogs in Sunglasses

Photographs by Philip Vermaas, they were taken using a 35mm Pentax film camera. They were developed in a makeshift darkroom in subtropical Durban, South Africa.

We also recently published his book called Better Cigarettes and Other Poems. It is available as a paperback on etsy and an ebook on Lulu.

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4 thoughts on “Photographs by Philip Vermaas

  1. Philip Vermaas was born to an actor and stage manager who were touring a play through the otherwise artistically barren towns of the Orange Free State in early 1970s South Africa.

    For the first months of his life he lived in a cardboard box among misfit actors and similarly afflicted crew. They called him King Fred. He later despised school and, when finished, refused to participate in any formal tertiary education. Instead he sought education through trial and error.

    He’s worked as an actor, waiter, hotel night manager, gym instructor, bouncer, bodyguard, construction worker, dish washer, barman, club manager, medical guinea pig, photographer, graphic designer, screenwriter, copywriter, editor and other things too forgettable to be recalled.

    He has traveled a bit and spent years in Scotland and a couple in England. Now, through twists of fate, he’s holed up in a cottage in semi-rural Johannesburg with his true love while he thinks, writes, smokes and holds her close. He is also the editor of Misfits’ Miscellany.

  2. Very nice. Love the B/W effect and feeling captured by the woman in the photo; as if she is (represented as a mirror -reflection of the viewer ) wondering WHERE to find the “color” in life.
    Great shot.
    ~Michaela Rena Douglas D.D.

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