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Inverness by Conrad Schafman

Delusions are thieves
under cover of darkness.
Though you may hear faint crashing
from the downstairs of your subconscious,
pretending the footsteps are a dream
is much easier to do.
But sooner or later the prowling scrounger
tiptoes to the threshold of your door,
twists the knob with silence and arrogance,
steps into the moonlight cutting through
your bedroom window,
and freezes, wide-eyes
searching back through your retinas in fear.
A finger rests on the trigger
of the revolver beneath your pillow.
What you stand for means nothing
until you can fire a round
between the eyes of self-deception,
for surrendering allows
the delusion to plunder
the fabric of your soul.


2 thoughts on “Inverness by Conrad Schafman

  1. Conrad Schafman is a 22 year old writer from The University of Houston, The Blue Hour is the first place that has shared his writing. May god have mercy on his soul.

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