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3 Poems by Marcia J. Pradzinski

cleaning fish

my father scrapes
scales from the fish
we caught

his callused hand cups
the shimmer of skin
finds the ruby-bead
button of the belly
that the knife splits

what filled the body
to cold white porcelain

the knife alone remains

Behind Glass

in a snapshot on her nightstand
lace collar flatters
her face dappled with freckles
eyes cinnamon-warmed
lips pursed

the lilac bush
in the photo blossoms the room
open to the fragrance of her youth

a sepia fossil
trapped behind glass

she stares out the window
The only thing I want

is the weather forecast
five minutes on the computer
I chase the arrow
as it sets me sliding then sludging
through a bog of e-mails
I take a break on Facebook
where I float
for minutes on end
when I remember a message
I’ve forgotten to send
the arrow glides toward my account
then jumps flies away and hits
a pop-up of recipes
I grip the mouse
but the cursor soars
to a sale of shoes handbags
cookware cocktail attire
hits a link singing
You’re today’s winner
while flashing neon red
then tracks a trail back
and forth here and there
dragging me from
a five-minute plan
to check the weather
through an hour of wandering
computer mouse leading the way
and I still don’t know
if it’s going to rain.


One thought on “3 Poems by Marcia J. Pradzinski

  1. Marcia J. Pradzinski was born and raised in Chicago, but now lives in Skokie, Illinois with her husband Pat. She enjoys playing with words and has been entranced by their music ever since she was a child. Rhino, After Hours, Avocet, Brevity Poetry Review, Ephemera Magazine, Cram, the Journal of Modern Poetry and a number of anthologies have featured her poetry. She has won awards in the Jo-Anne Hirshfield Memorial Contest and in Highland Park’s Poetry Challenge. Her most recent publication was featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Exact Change Press.

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