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3 poems by Elizabeth Cook


Look for him when the cicadas fade

When the seedpods come unbound

When with every breath and every rain

The fan-shaped leaves fall down

A Barrel

There is a barrel up in the blue
Carried on by such gusts,
Such humours and such moods
As are worthy of its cargo

I left my dress, and maybe you
Left something in there too
I know how the flowery cotton
Climbed my arms and played
To every curve and flash of eye
Yet it was white noise to you

I think on the barrel, so full
And so light despite we two
Maybe you left nothing there
Nothing for me, but all for her

Anatomy and Geometry

Touch me light on nape of neck
Pluck my sleeve at inner elbow
Find my seams and on them breathe
In my ear, hum deep and low

Puzzle out my shoulder bones
And the knuckles of my spine
Trace the lazy whorl of hair
Swinging ’round my navel wide

Compare anatomy and geometry
Dispassionate, tell me how
These models lean on white sheets
And are drawn so simply now


One thought on “3 poems by Elizabeth Cook

  1. Elizabeth Cook is in her final year of a BA(Hons) at Queen’s University, who enjoys good books, good food, and good squash games. She plans on getting my MA next year, while continuing to write escapist poetry and prose for relief from the “dismal science”.

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