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Take me to that place…by Kewal Kotian

Drudgery it is, the iron walls and concrete blocks,
Land of broken hearts and mended locks.

Narrow road with people crowded,
But beware, in deceit shrouded.

Service is at beck and call,
But no one there to take your fall.

You look around for that oasis, which will lift the burden,
That Promised Land, the Garden of Eden.

Chances sink and so do your shoulders,
Small pebbles seem like boulders.

And just like that, a moment of magic,
You visit the mind and world doesn’t feel so tragic.

With eyes shut, I see again.
The sweet smell of mud, at first rain.

The green meadows, countryside and empty space,
Just the thought of you takes me to that special place.


One thought on “Take me to that place…by Kewal Kotian

  1. Mumbai. India. World. That’s where it all started for Kewal.

    Managed to get a Post Graduate degree in management and after running, serving, surviving, winning and losing through many careers in advertising, banking, sales, and marketing, claims he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Does not have any formal training on creative writing, depends on the company he keeps and life for that. Apart from being a wannabe chef for the last ten years, Kewal has been writing for a while now and his first works have been experimental doodles. – ‘Random Musings’ as he calls them. They are all simple stories to begin with. Its only when the story has achieved some form of direction, is when they take form of poems, couplets, verses and sometimes even letters. As you read this, he’s about to embark on another journey of putting together these random thoughts in book form. Hop on…enjoy the ride. You can travel through his blog at http://kewalcalling.wordpress.com/.

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