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2 Poems by Conrad Schafman


She was meandering toward

the railroad tracks,

loving all things unconditionally

and dreaming of the freedom

adulthood fails to bring,

when the train-horn

bellowed its warning.

Her ten-year-old vocal chords

roared spontaneous and startled

shrieks of caution

only to go unnoticed

by the elderly deaf widower

inching aimlessly across the tracks.

As his body erupted

into sliced fragments

the girl slipped under

the enveloping darkness,

losing consciousness

of her idealistic mind.

When she awoke minutes later

the vibrant sunset had been shrouded

behind the callous blanket of night,

and the train-horn whispered

reminiscently in the distance.


The green eyes of the woman I love

explode with tears as she illustrates

the places we went wrong.


5 thoughts on “2 Poems by Conrad Schafman

  1. Conrad Schafman is a 22 year old writer from The University of Houston, and this is his first publication. May god have mercy on his soul.

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