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3 poems by John Grochalski

a flower in the spring

it happens
whenever i am around someone new

they come at me with questions about myself
until we have exhausted everything

i always acquiesce

but then i think
well, there we go

now there is nothing else to learn about me
save what i’ll never reveal

i don’t ask people questions in that manner
although i do wonder if they think me rude
or uninterested in their life

sometimes this is true, and i am uninterested

but in most instances i like to think
that i give people the benefit of the doubt
of having tried their best to live a life

i don’t want to know everything about them all at once

because humanity is so lacking in magic
that if someone is truly worth their salt
and the heartache that comes with intimate knowledge

i’d rather that they reveal themselves to me slowly
like a beautiful woman undressing

so that i can savor their every nuance
as if i were drinking a fine bottle of red wine

or stopping to view a flower in the spring

opening up its petals
to the new sun and blinding sun.

like a ripe peach baking
in the summer sun

she says
you can eat me
to the other girl

but the other girl curls up her face
and says

you probably taste like shit

she laughs

honey, you got it all wrong
i taste sweet, she says

like sugar

like a ripe peach baking
in the summer sun.


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