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2 poems by Ivan Jenson

Body Shot

For this particular
of molecular
I can honestly
say it matters
yes it matters a lot
that essentially
all elements
which surround me
are inherently
to dispose
of everything
that I hold
dear to my
blood sucking
purple ticking
time bomb
that takes to heart
the heartless,
tumor which
is tomorrow’s
but for now
I flip off
the inevitable
and guzzle down
a Guinness
my beer
all but drowned out
by the belting,
baritone sounds
of Hootie and the Blowfish


Read All About It

After you are done
explaining to me
the how and why of it
the who what and where of it
the touch and feel of it
and the taste and texture of it
the sound, the temperature,
the truth, the time of day,
rain, snow or wind of it
the scope and the breadth,
height, width, length, and
the moral, meaning, or
lesson you got from it
and even if you laugh, cry
or sigh about it
I still can only share
in your words
and you alone
have to live and
with it


2 thoughts on “2 poems by Ivan Jenson

  1. Ivan Jenson, Liked both poems. The second one especially “Read All About It”, I was left with the feeling and new outlook, “I am responsible for me”. .

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