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The Blue Hour Press Logo

logo_birdonit (1)

“True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings …” -William Shakespeare

We’re launching our Blue Hour Press logo for our soon to be released full length poetry books and upcoming Anthologies.

The swallow’s northward migration is a symbol of spring as well as a symbol of hope because they are able to return home after traveling such long distances. Sailors considered them a sign of when they were nearing their journeys end. They’d see the bird’s feathers flashing iridescent blue as they approached land. This classic symbol combines thoughts of home, warmth and a journey with sense of wild adventure. As publishers we hope to bring readers, writers and artists a bit of hope and adventure.

And we also PUT A BIRD ON IT, because we are Oregonians, after all.


2 thoughts on “The Blue Hour Press Logo

  1. excellant way to put it i am hoping to have my first book of my style of poetry out by the end of may wishing you the very best and a great logo christy o donnell punchy’s poems


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