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3 Poems by Gillian Prew

Slaughterhouse Morning

Beyond          murmur burning –
the marching wound, old meat          and bare bud. Another sun
hints at butcher’s blood     in running flesh.     Ruined
birds wake from a coiled dream, wings          empty from being born,
their loss mostly planted in the rough land.    A grief
heaved to a hung lamb,          a swung cow,          a river of pigs.


I brought light, I looked,
Everywhere blood reigned.
And I cried, I wept with my whole body.

– Yves Bonnefoy

Heavier than the hour –
the rowan berries lie like rubies sucked and spat.
The broom on the hill relives the light – it blooms
its fires to blisters. From air, sea-wet and witness –
the gull. She peers in necks popped wide flustered mouths.
The gape a dead-eyed howl such innocent names. A banner
of blood, of body, our plucked beds tidy. Our crime –
grieve like ripped-up rain,          like fists.

Moment Reflected in Bonnard

Drool-capped crocus. My eye on it – fresh
from a doubled-up winter. My butter impulse
– to bloom as yellow, to search for the sun.
A gust that misses me ruffles time. Its dark floor
sky-rise a murmuration – sifted, dropped on –
forgot. The upright wound that marks a grave
for a flowerbed. How it reeks with mirrors!
All suffering in its glass, all the dead-eye dreams.
There will be blossoms soon – I have room,
a piece of warm, my white cat.


4 thoughts on “3 Poems by Gillian Prew

  1. Gillian Prew lives in Scotland and is the author of two chapbooks, DISCONNECTIONS (erbacce-press, 2011) and In the Broken Things (Virgogray Press, 2011). A further book is forthcoming from Lapwing Publications in 2013. Her poems have been published widely online and in print, including Danse Macabre du Jour, Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Glasgow Review, The Recusant and Ink Sweat & Tears. She has twice been short-listed for the erbacce-prize. You can find her online at http://gillianprew.com/

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