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Beale Street by Paige Edenfield

I stand on the lip of Beale Street
and listen to legends echo
on the wind. And
I beg the world silently,
for just a moment or two,
to slow.

I want to hold on to this night. It might
not change my life, but I want it. I want the empty,
blues-filled streets for my own. I want my life
to just wait for me to dream
a little
with my eyes open. Mesmerized
by neon signs,
beckoning me into the

But dawn won’t wait. It never does.


5 thoughts on “Beale Street by Paige Edenfield

  1. Paige Edenfield is 21 years old. She majors in English at Gordon State College (Barnesville, GA) and simply hopes that one day the words she write will be influential. She survives on black coffee, works part-time at a local grocery store to pay the bills and can often be found scribbling poetry on receipt paper at the registers. In her free time she writes often, reads a lot and runs like something is chasing her.

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  3. Isn’t it great, all those clubs and bikes, hope your really enjoying yourself, don’t forget to take a visit out to Graceland and Jerry Lee Lewis new club in downtown.

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