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Whatever Is This by Cynthia Guenther Richardson

Fog-light driving to Eugene_ angel card 007

Fog-light driving to Eugene; angel card

Whatever is still wears stillness as its skin.

Whatever moves finds energy uncoiling.

Whatever breathes seeks air, earth, fire, water.

Whatever cracks leaves the healing to itself.

Whatever sighs scatters petals on the wind.

Whatever falls intercedes for the beginning and end.

Whatever breaks truce barters with people.

Whatever feeds the world fills it with rust, gold, blood, dust.

Whatever lives in safety camps inside the soul.

Whatever maligns falls over the edge of heaven.

Whatever dreams disturbs science with intuition.

Whatever fades resurrects another beauty.

Whatever creates makes a loose harness for freedom.

Whatever enters the heart of power shakes fear from bones.

Whatever sings unleashes the medicine of love.

Whatever waits needs its own welcome.

Whatever knows loss enters the cellular dance.

Whatever hopes reflects a tear in the light.

Whatever seeks knows the source of all warmth.

Whatever opens disables the lock on the door.

Whatever misses wonder leaves without a backward glance.

Whatever surrenders solves the puzzle.

Whatever lives floats upon the beautiful river.

Whatever is most truly needed will answer your secret prayer:







5 thoughts on “Whatever Is This by Cynthia Guenther Richardson

  1. Cynthia Guenther Richardson has been published in three VoiceCatcher anthologies and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
    Much of her writing is inspired by forays into the Pacific Northwest landscape and beyond, she loves to hike and walk. She has happily worked in human services for over 25 years. The bulk of those years has been devoted to mental health and addictions counseling. She her writing reflects this.She believes the arts have a mighty impact on our well-being, and enjoy writing about encounters with others who have discovered creativity within. Most of all, she is committed to writing for its own sake; for the fascinating stories we all live; and, for the way they connect us to one another.

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