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RUBBISH by Maureen Sudlow

When the cities grew bigger and bigger
and the skies with smoke were red
the governments blamed local business
‘rubbish’ the businesses said.

See the smoke rising high from our coal fires
and the way that our forests are bled
so the governments blamed the people
‘rubbish’ the people said.

Conservationists drew our attention
to the litter we leave where we tread
so the governments blamed the travellers
‘rubbish, the travellers said.

The rivers were all polluted
with run-off from dairy and shed
so the governments blamed the farmers
‘rubbish’ the farmers said.

Just look at the profit we bring
and the meat for our daily bread
so the governments hummed and ha’d
and blamed other countries instead.

The finger was pointed at plastics
used in packaging our daily bread
and the governments blamed the wrappings
‘rubbish’ the lunch-eaters said.

And the rubbish kept piling up
and the seas were running red
they attempted to find a solution
‘rubbish’ everyone said

and the world slowly died…


2 thoughts on “RUBBISH by Maureen Sudlow

  1. Maureen is an associate member of The New Zealand Society of Authors (Northland) and writes mainly poetry and children’s picture books. Her poetry has been published both on-line and in magazines such as ‘A Fine Line’. She has a Diploma in Creative Writing from Whitireia, and was short-listed for the 2012 Joy Cowley Award.

    Maureen Sudlow

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