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ANNA’S LAST WILL by B.Z. Niditch

Copy of Ахматова1914

Anna Akhmatova in 1914

Anna Akhmatova represents a poet with the will to survive all persecution and years of concrete repression. I’ve read her journals and poetry most of my life. In a couple of tongues, this poet affirms the revelation of a unique personal witness in long suffering in her emotional, traumatic existence in which her poetry listeners will sense the horror of war, fascism, the yearning for peace, fear and loss in the sensitivity of a woman’s bold transformation.-BZ Niditch

Covering up

a century of snow
of your absence
we accept chilling
silent embraces
of the darkest eyes
filled with poems,
along the Arbat
even from exhausted
lovers and translators
speak words

in underworlds
from blinks and tongues
when words meant death

for you, rebirth
along Pushkin Square.



One thought on “ANNA’S LAST WILL by B.Z. Niditch

  1. B.Z. NIDITCH is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and teacher.

    His work is widely published in journals and magazines throughout the world, including: Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Art; The Literary Review; Denver Quarterly; Hawaii Review; Le Guepard (France); Kadmos (France); Prism International; Jejune (Czech Republic); Leopold Bloom (Budapest); Antioch Review; and Prairie Schooner, among others.

    He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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