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Three Facets by John Panian



It is strange to place

a smell that has been so long

lost to memory,


to realize that

you did not feel its missing

until you found it


waiting for you, a

breath of absence in the room

that clings and orbits


around you and the

dying dog. It is not yours.

It is not a gift.


It is left for us by the

living as they leave.






It is strange to come

across a thing waiting just

here for just you to


find its missing at

this right moment, next to the

kiss that you placed on


your mother’s brow when

you asked her if she wanted

to go home to die.


These are not things that

I can understand. They are

the same life. Their deaths


smell much the same no matter

who does the dying.






It is a strange place

to find yourself, on this

bare floor between these


two like epigraph

and epilogue, both ends and

both beginnings,



and arbitrary bookends,

heavy with hollow.


Who could have guessed that

you would find your self in this

simple act, waiting


for you to tell it apart

from where you found it?


6 thoughts on “Three Facets by John Panian

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  2. http://aprayerlikegravity.wordpress.com/

    John Panian lives in St. Louis, MO with his beautiful wife and daughter. Being one third of a most artistic family, you will find him either deeply lost within his mind full of words, or with his camera lens zip-tied to an eyeball. You can find his words and images on his blog, A Prayer Like Gravity , as well as various venues in and around St. Louis.

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