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Incognito by Nicolas McKay

I absolutely hate those couples
who walk slowly down the street hand in hand.
Should they not walk a little faster?
After all, their relationship
will be over in a month or two.
Would they not want to experience
everything they could in the short time span
that had been allocated to them?
Eventually you number’s up
and the same goes for relationships,
that’s the way the game has always been played.
Walking slowly will not prolong what
two people feel for each other
in this century of one night stands
where nobody sleeps in the same bed twice;
where the lover inevitably
always leaves and becomes nothing
more than an unheard whisper in the
gathering darkness of one’s memory;
should not those in a relationship
move by at the exact same speed?
I realise that my judgement may
be affected due to my hiatus
from the game of love and loss. Even
though I have been incognito,
I doubt anything has changed since last
I participated in the game of
never lasting romance. Sex and love
are after all two halves of the
same coin; I am left to assume that
the two simply move at different speeds.


3 thoughts on “Incognito by Nicolas McKay

  1. Nicholas McKay was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He likes reading and keeping fit, but most of all enjoys playing video games, and often needs to be physically dragged away from his XBOX360. When this does occur, he often works, and has previously worked in editing and PR
    Since an early age he has enjoyed writing, having additionally completed a couple manuscripts, and is at present looking for a potential publisher. In 2012 he completed an undergraduate course at Victoria University, majoring in Professional Writing, and is at present undertaking a Master of Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. Online, Nicholas goes by the name Derek Childs, and his prose and poetry can be found at this link, although his pieces are best viewed after a glass of red! http://totalovrdose.wordpress.com/

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