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Small Tastes of Rain by Rick Hartwell

Leaving the window open to hear the rain,
Wet floor and sodden curtains be damned,
Listening to a light tympanic patter of drops
Between cloudbursts and mood changes;

Deluges of memories accompany the rain,
Tears wash away emotional inhibitions,
Leaving the bitter-sweet tastes of the past,
Without the acidic constraints of reality;

Wind shifts and vacillating breezes propel
Rivulets laterally on the upper pane of glass,
Retracing tracks against the pull of gravity,
Synapses of association lure my thoughts;

Obsessed by sensual overtones, one may
Revisit, not relive, slim servings of the past,
Slivers of the greater whole that is life lived,
While the emotional meal of rain refreshes.


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