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TOTENTANZ (Dance of Death) by Shoshana Kertesz

Is it not your rebellious nature?
Whom are you rebelling against?
In the silence of the night
The curtains of the Hudson River roll up
and you make your dramatic appearance
down from the deep
Hunger in your eyes, insatiable
Your black cape covers the river
And you smile with such a charm
That I didn`t think you were capable of
Or anyone could be capable of

You try to satisfy your hunger
Fully knowing that your glory
Stays just for a moment`s glance
And your win becomes your loss

You dance with the night sky
Dance to the rhythm of the flow of life
That you have become part of
The particles around you speed ecstatically
As you hold your head high
Coveted by the meanest of the Raging Crows

Turn back – you say – turn back to your Mother,
Don`t look back
Taste my salty breath, you
You whom I fully love, my own way
And shall consume but not today
The morning will wake up next to you
While I serenade another

Hear my steps, sing my legacy, my loss
To the nations
Turn, spin and don`t stop
Turn, spin and don`t stop
Then you`ll hear the Horn Call of my angels
Hunting for the faithful and the unfaithful
Golden horns, hundreds of them
Will you not hear it?
Will you not fear it?
Will the virgins of Navarra not pray for you
The moment you can`t pray any more
And the ball of the Crimean Tatars has just begun?


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