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Grandfather’s Dream by Maria A. Arana

I don’t even remember how he died
but there he lay
in his sleek
black box
with opaque
white bed
body parts sealed

I had no words for him
we never really exchanged
any before
the gulp in my throat
didn’t allow a tear to fall

I’ve watched him hammer
with nails on his lips
gray trousers
held up
by suspenders

but that night
you visited me
threw open the door
and flew through the hallway
of the house
with half your legs
eyes yellow
mouth open

you wanted to pull
my feet off
I noticed
you had none

it took you
20 minutes
to get from your room
over to the living area
where you laid out
all your money
on a foldable table
and counted
fedora hat tilted
window open
Grandma’s usual TV blasting
without a care

you didn’t see me
with those cataract eyes
and you couldn’t hear me
with those deaf ears

but I awoke
family rushed to my side
they heads the screams
of a child gone mad

mother said I forgot
to do something for him
when he was alive
that now I regret

I couldn’t sleep for days
I couldn’t recall him
asking for anything
but to be left alone
I should have said


4 thoughts on “Grandfather’s Dream by Maria A. Arana

  1. A sad and beautiful poem. I understand the emotion in the words. I had a good Grandfather who raised me and taught me the right ways to live. Thank you for sharing the excellent poem.

  2. Maria A Arana is a teacher and a member of CoffeeHouseWriters and the Emerging Urban Poets group. She is currently completing a novel that takes place on a fictitious island.Some of her poetry appears in the San Gabriel Valley Quarterly Poetry, Emerging Urban Poets Anthology, the sheltered poet, Long Story Short, and Stepping Stones Magazine.

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