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3 Poems by Gillian Prew

Slaughterhouse Morning Beyond          murmur burning – the marching wound, old meat          and bare bud. Another sun hints at butcher’s blood     in running flesh.     Ruined birds wake from a coiled dream, wings          empty from being born, their loss mostly planted in the rough land.    A grief heaved to a hung lamb,          a swung cow,          a river of pigs. Witness “I brought light, I looked, … Continue reading

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Whatever Is This by Cynthia Guenther Richardson

Whatever is still wears stillness as its skin. Whatever moves finds energy uncoiling. Whatever breathes seeks air, earth, fire, water. Whatever cracks leaves the healing to itself. Whatever sighs scatters petals on the wind. Whatever falls intercedes for the beginning and end. Whatever breaks truce barters with people. Whatever feeds the world fills it with … Continue reading