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Section Eight Blues by Kevin Ridgeway

this sweltering morning
low on sleep
and in a delirium
covered in wet rags
to keep cool
as the president
makes an important
on an old boom box
that buzzes and hisses
drowned out by the
aftermath of the
sirens of an ambulance
and the wave
of a thousand weary
dogs barking
we listen closely
and before the
makes his most
important point
the power goes
out and we sit
there in the
darkness, the
hot sun peaking
through the
and doomed
to finish
off a box
of freezer burnt


4 thoughts on “Section Eight Blues by Kevin Ridgeway

  1. Kevin Ridgeway is from Southern California, where he resides in a shady bungalow with his girlfriend and their one-eyed cat. Recent work has appeared in Underground Voices, Turbulence and Santa Fe Literary Review.

  2. And this means , words are words , stay words – Powerful , Authoritative but all per human bonds , limitations as narrow something as Power !

    Three cheers , My Friend to the simplicity of complex message.

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