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Afternoon in Brussels by Constantine Mountrakis

The patron gods of the guilds
gazed down upon
my uncovered head
and I felt the need
to leave
the Grand Place.
We had not come
as pilgrims
to leave pennies at their toes
or pray for their bounty.
It felt as if they knew.
so we fled
And accumulated
in a grimy bar
that congested the walls
of one of the city’s
many failing arteries.
The kriek was good
strong and flat
and as I drank
I wondered how
people so kind
can build
 such monstrous cities
I entertained the idea
that ultimately
it wasn’t people
who built them
but the proud gilded things
that drove them
I dressed my mind
against this thought
and against
the damp black breath
of the North Sea
with images
of warmer, poorer places
and no longer thought
in terms of “if”
but of “when”.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon in Brussels by Constantine Mountrakis

  1. Lyrical & elegant, this piece is a really quiet, reflective poem that made me stop and pause for a minute, to stop being so busy and just think. As always, it is a pleasure to read Constantine’s fine work. Thanks for making me slow down for a minute.

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