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University Avenue by the Movie Theater Back in the 60’s by Amy Soricelli

Sometimes my head was in my hands sometimes my hips moved –
the red curtains on everyone’s block are only sheets hung up on the wrong side out –
some sudden shade of blood against the air and glass
my face didn’t stand a chance.
My uncle was drunk again on Fordham Road – the Irish cops loaded him into the police car last night
the shame dragging him up the stairs 
forming a halo around his nasty head.
He slept on the floral plastic-covered couch;
each breath breaking the night with candy-wrapper sound- slicing the solid air with daggers like sugar sticks.
My mother rolled her eyes way back into her head while she fried up some spiteful angry eggs
for my older brother
who will die in Vietnam before I even finish middle school.



2 thoughts on “University Avenue by the Movie Theater Back in the 60’s by Amy Soricelli

  1. Amy is am a middle-aged (ouch) happily married woman with a 22 year old awesome daughter. She lives in The Bronx – New York City…
    She has been writing poetry forever and has met with some (some) success….she was lucky to have Billy Collins as her college professor and then was even luckier when she was accepted into his Master’s Poetry Workshop 22 years later…(they were anonymous submissions so that was cooler still)
    She works at a college and have been “getting/assisting/assisting with getting/” people jobs in NYC for the past 30 years. She sees resumes in her sleep.
    She writes most of my poems in the early mornings – on city buses – and when she is especially introspective…this happens often.

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