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Home by Maureen Sudlow

Phil2 Maureen Sudlow

…is a place
that we leave
to discover the world
a place away from
the lit windows of strangers

home can sometimes be
an Airforce Hercules
on a jungle runway
encircling arms
unexpected hills
that cradle you
in a strange place

a memory of family
long gone
feeding the chickens
cricket with the cousins
hot soup
on a cold winter day
the smell of damp mittens
drying on the range

home is a place
in our hearts
where we long to return
but never can


2 thoughts on “Home by Maureen Sudlow

  1. Maureen is an associate member of The New Zealand Society of Authors (Northland) and writes mainly poetry and children’s picture books. Her poetry has been published both on-line and in magazines such as ‘A Fine Line’. She has a Diploma in Creative Writing from Whitireia, and was short-listed for the 2012 Joy Cowley Award.

  2. I am not a great fan of poetry but when it is combined with an image it then becomes “alive” for me. Great combination.

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