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Lagoon by Jeremiah Walton

Crust skull


the brooding mantle


to core

beatific Mind

leaks champagne

observers hold


glasses upwards

awaiting steady

drip to brim

cup, a lagoon


Beautiful knowledge





4 thoughts on “Lagoon by Jeremiah Walton

  1. Jeremiah Walton is 18, and lives in New England where he attends High School. Jeremiah manages Nostrovia! Poetry, http://www.nostroviatowriting.com/ a small publishing press dedicated towards promoting poetry to the youth, and disproving the negative stereotypes of poetry.

  2. Reblogged this on Nostrovia! Poetry and commented:
    My poem Lagoon was published by The Blue Hour. I had to wait until I was 18 to submit here, and I was pretty happy to find out I was accepted. The editors are cool cats, and the press is overall pretty awesome. Go check it out!

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