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The Match by Christy O Donnell

Here I was a lonely man and thinking I ought to make a match,
For lately I’d been thinking about life,
As I looked into the mirror sure I’d be a handsome catch,
And I’d have no trouble finding me a wife,

I called upon the matchmaker to see if he could have a chat,
And find for me a fine and comely maid,
He would find someone for me and that would be a fact,
And for his services to me he would be paid,

Home I went again with comely thoughts within my mind,
A virgin in the ways of life I’d said,
And off he was to go this woman surely find,
Left me praying there was still a live one not all dead,

Time was passing swiftly when a knock came loudly on my door,
The matchmaker sent me was all she’d say,
The sight of her was such it made me all but fall upon the floor
I could tell why she was a virgin no delay,

But I was a lonely man thinking I ought to make a match,
And here she was with the potential of being a wife,
As she looked upon me now she said I was a fair auld catch,
And if I passed her test she’d stay with me for life,

She entered to the kitchen and the light shone again in through the door,
A little piece of paper held within her hand,
Then we talked for hours until we could not talk no more,
And by the end of it things were going grand,

It seems like just a second yet a lot of time has passed,
Since the matchmaker sent her to my door,
I tried to find him but he had travelled far and vast,
His money never left me rich nor poor,

When I awoke this morning I had little more to say,
For it’s now been 50 years since we were wed,
I never paid the matchmaker for pairing us that day,
As my love lay’s smiling in our marriage bed,

The little piece of paper hangs in a frame I made that night,
Just above the mantle of our fireplace,
It says: We’ll marry if you can chat and stay the course all night,
And at the end still have a smile upon your face.


2 thoughts on “The Match by Christy O Donnell

  1. A lovely poem Christy, Sláinte.

    Christy O Donnell is Irish, he’s 50 yrs old (he never thought he’d make it this far in life).
    He likes to turn stressful situations into humourous poetry.
    He likes fishing.
    He was brought up in a family of 10 girls 3 boys.
    He loves to laugh and see people have a good time.
    He reads and writes poetry in the Whitehouse Bar in Limerick as well as on the Nail Run by the Limerick Literary Center.
    Anyone in need of a laugh just check out his blog or youtube channel.

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