Surfaces by Christina Murphy

in isolation, the painter feels the bitter cold

as evening falls into darkness, deep with black;

the missing light reveals the circle of absence

with inside & outside indistinguishable


in previous times, the desert served as consolation,

the fantastical heat burning pure the doubting heart;

until the mystic cried out an answer or a curse

and surrender was the desired end to loneliness


the covenant now is endurance and a pact with the soul

to shape the surfaces of light & being

into order & revelation, as the hand creates

brushstrokes ever more daring or precise


the white moon in the eastern sky mocks time

and all disconnections of the heart;

in the journey of creation, the canvas fills

and invisibility yields to the enduring self


the expected return of daylight fills the absence

as a momentary stay, a golden burst of force

in the blue sky that is the background

for the hollowness of discontent & resolve



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