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Some People by Euphrates Moss

Life throws

You stupid shit

To break up the monotony

I suppose


The dumbest thing

I ever heard

Was in college, of all places

“Shakespeare isn’t literature.”


The greatest writer

Of English





“Shakespeare is a

Playwright, he

Writes plays.

I don’t consider

Anyone who writes

Plays to be literature.

This includes Sophocles

Or Ibsen or anybody

In that form,

Because it’s meant

For the stage.”


Another mental invalid

Chirped her agreement

“Shakespeare,” I said

Sedulously, “is for the stage.”

I mulled it over quickly


“Well,” said this girl,

Whose name I’ve heard

But can’t pronounce

For the life of me,

“He is meant to be

Read and then seen

On stage.”


“Read…” I said,

This time with irony,

“and then

Seen on stage.”


“Would you stop repeating



“This argument was won

Two exchanges ago.”


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