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Lovers Lullaby: Ekphrastic Meditation by Nina Romano

“There is no greater mystery to me than light
traveling through darkness.” ~~Alexander Volkov

Daisies and spider mums in a milk bottle on the windowsill.
The leaves of the giant oak tap, tapping a melody of longing.

Moonlight decants through a partially opened window
at the headstead. The white painted wooden pane reveals a ghostly pallor

as a cloud passes overhead; tiny chips offer a glimpse of a former life—
a coat of oil-based seagreen reflects in the corner of the glass.

The sheets and pillow cases convey evidence of recent lovers:
her open book near the vase, left in haste, the pages fluttering

in the thief breeze entering with longing to enliven.
Crooning a lullaby to each other in the shower, they’ll return soon

to bed coverings refreshed by zephyrs, embossed by romance
past, profound, yet soon to come again.


2 thoughts on “Lovers Lullaby: Ekphrastic Meditation by Nina Romano

  1. Thank you Sumita, for your comment.

    Nina Romano has authored three poetry collections: Cooking Lessons, Coffeehouse Meditations and She Wouldn’t Sing at My Wedding . She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, and has co-authored Writing in a Changing World . Her debut short story collection, The Other Side of the Gates , is forthcoming from Bridle Path Press.

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