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My Mental Health by Aaron Poller

To be charming I thought
a goal worthy of pursuit.

At ten I came to see
if charming I might

attract attention from Marie,
she who did not seem aware

how I managed to appear
just as she opened the door

each day on her walk to school.
Lincoln Elementary, Syracuse,

New York . Though my timing
charmed, I had the fatal flaw,

of being shy, so never to
expand on such coincidence.

Not having accounted for that,
nor for much else, I scrolled

an imagination littered
with unrequited emotion,

words inside a virtual world,
dark feeling unspoken. Marie,

could I touch you then, or now,
what difference might that be?

What soft power released, how wide
that midnight birth of sexuality?


4 thoughts on “My Mental Health by Aaron Poller

  1. Charming indeed…looking back, but I too remember the tummy-twirling flush and clammy hands of that time and it was truly dreadful for those few years. You have expressed it delicately and with eloquent tact. Well done.

  2. Aaron Poller is an advanced nurse psychotherapist who has been writing and publishing his poetry since the nineteen sixties. He lives quietly in a very small house in Winston-Salem, N.C. with his wife, four dogs and three cats.

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