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WINTER’S LAMENT by Amye Nicole Bird

A solitary soul
Grasped in the maelstrom
Of directionless flight,
No former pleasures
To be found
Within the lucid, frigid,
Glass of day.
No place to rest
A weary wanderer,
Upon the greying
Solidified Earth below.
Warmth of leaves
And trees depleted
No place to find repose,
Thirsting for another soul
Upon which to nourish life,
Gullet empty,
Hungry for a morsel
Upon which to nourish time.
Straight ahead-
Opaqueness into nothing,
No clouds to trace of yesterday,
No sun to trace the ‘morrow,
Only a single set of feathered wings
To guide the way back home.


5 thoughts on “WINTER’S LAMENT by Amye Nicole Bird

  1. Desperation in the face of nature, alone and anxious with none but itself to rely on for survival. Vivid realism with imagery in monotone and great poignancy. Lovely phraseology. Well done.

  2. Thank you for the comments Audra, Mike and Chris. You’ll see in the BIO below, four kids. It can be hard for me to find time to write with one!

    Amye Nicole Bird is a thirty eight year old life long resident of Utah. She is also a married, stay at home mom of four young children. She has been writing poetry and stories for over twenty years and I have a passion for putting into words the things she sees and experiences everyday. Her work has been featured in The Story Teller, Eye On Life Magazine, Long Story Short, Westward Quarterly, The Sheltered Poet, Death Head Grin Magazine, The Nocturnal Lyric, Vox Poetica, The Stray Branch, as well as several other online and print publications.

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