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In the Hour Since You’ve Left by Sean Prentiss

I open the cupboards; the cupboards are empty,
empty of everything but dust things
and spider web things and dish things.

I search under the couch, peer deep into
a dark gloom, brush aside stray pennies
that seem to be looking for a home.

I open the refrigerator, push aside the ketchup,
the mayonnaise, pull out last night’s take-home,
open it up—half eaten salmon.

On the dining room table, bills sit outside of
envelopes, magazines half read, the radio
tuned to your station, though it doesn’t play.

In the bathroom the towel still damp from a final
shower, the sheets rumpled from last night,
the dog, she sleeps contently in the dining room,

not aware of what has been lost.


3 thoughts on “In the Hour Since You’ve Left by Sean Prentiss

  1. Sean Prentiss is the editor of a forthcoming anthology on the craft of creative nonfiction. This book, The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre, is being published by Michigan State University Press. HIs essays, poems, and stories have appeared in Brevity, Sycamore Review, ISLE, Ascent, River Styx, Spoon River, Nimrod, and many other journals. His essays have won Honorable Mention in The Atlantic Monthly’s Graduate Student Writing Contest and won Fugue’s nonfiction contest, and he has been awarded the Albert J. Colton Fellowship for Projects of National or International Scope.

  2. This novel structure keeps the reader beguiled right up to the denouement and you are to be congratulated for employing it. Lovely phraseology and voice. Well done.

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