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Create God by David Schmidt

one day someone had to invent god
there had to be that single moment
when some person looked up to the sky
and wondered where the sun and the moon
and all the trees and he, himself came from
when lightning strikes and thunder roars
when winds blow so hard it bends the trees
the earth shakes and snow falls
that person had to be the first one
to create the being we call god
but some people had more than one god
some people had so many gods
they all believed their god or gods
was real, so real they were willing to commit
to kill or die for their belief
imagination can create anything
from a monster so fierce
that it cannot be defeated
to a bearded fat man that brings presents
or a winged fairy that gives us money
in exchange for our teeth
it’s so easy to create within the mind
then try to ask others to accept it
if you possess the power
you can force people to accept it
and it happened over and over
and it still does


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