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3 Poems by F.I. Goldhaber

True Love

The smile on your face
says it all, and I
treasure the look in
your eyes when you speak
of the woman half
a world away who
has captured your heart.

I know when you two
marry you’ll come home
to visit even
less frequently than
before. But I’ll let
your love’s embers warm
me in your absence.

A Love Poem

“Get those ice cubes
away from me!”
former lovers said.

But you welcome
cold feet against
the warmth of your legs.

You sigh, content
to share your heat
with me as you share

everything else:
your heart, your thoughts,
your stories, your love.


After studying
all the supposed
in which folks invest
their faith, I had found
none worthy except
her. A pragmatist,
I insisted on
seeing proof of her
existence with my
own eyes. I stood on
top Glastonbury
Tor to issue the
challenge and was not
surprised when she did
not answer. So, I
continued on my
lifetime path leading
to belief only
in what science can
prove and the good and
evil humans can
accomplish themselves.
Seven years later,
when it suits her, she
sends me one of her
own. A reward, he
says, for those good things
I’ve done or tried to
do to aid those who’re
weak, abused, alone.
But she and a host
of others come with
him, and one by one
they reveal themselves.
One nudges me, I
sense a warrior’s
presence, see glimpses
of another who’s
hanging out downstairs.
I accept his faith
with his love. But, just
in case I waver
in acknowledging
their existence, they
send another who
walks with them into
my life. Wailing, “Why
me?” brings only the
reminder of my
request the divine
make herself known to
me. I’m told by my
love to: “Be careful
what you ask for.”


3 thoughts on “3 Poems by F.I. Goldhaber

  1. Poet, story teller, and book designer, F.I. Goldhaber continues writing professionally after more than a quarter century sharing her words and winning awards for her fiction and poetry. Preditors & Editors readers poll ranked her second poetry collection, Pairs of Poems number three in poetry. Her short stories, novelettes, poems, news stories, feature articles, essays, editorial columns, and reviews appear in magazines, e-zines, newspapers, calendars, and anthologies.

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