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2 Poems by Nathaniel S. Rounds

Cosmic Music

Cloud above is not a cumulus cloud

And if you said cumulonimbus

You’d be wrong

You just have to hear it thunder

It’s a John Coltrane cloud

He’s pouring a bowl of resolution

Over the empty streets

Thirsty for starlight


This Poem is not about the  Peacock Katydid named Glue

He died today

Infamous serving dishes and guts

Dr. Leopold Girst

Expert in asphyxiated


Handshake and horn-rimmed glasses

Field tape recorder and

Shoe boxes full of open reels

Cassette tapes

From mental hospitals in Lawrence, IN


Ljubljana, Slovenia

The tapes squeal and one hears voices

Voices and the squeal of a tiny motor

From a small vacuum cleaner his secret child

Nozzle of vacuum

Drinking dust both real and imagined

Dr. Leopoldo Girst died today

Trying to solve problems faced

By the pennyweight fighter who lived

Beneath his bed for 57 years

He was known for his

Warm handshake which melted snow

Cones snow cones

Which he ate daily nine times daily

He was forever

Making snow cones snow cones

Snow cones

Els granissats

And evaluated while formulating

A variety of tastes with strangers

People all over the world

As a tourist attraction as a love story

Adventurer travel food

(Even in their ability to have a snow cone)

The only ones to enjoy


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