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3 Poems by Kristin Berger


So this is how it’s done –
camp smoke and a hard nap,

the tent, our incubator.
Sand glints his scalp.

The Swainson’s song winnows
up trunks still straddling

nurse logs gone soft;
In the hollows, limbs take residence,

track nothing but smoke trills –
an acute daydream, a true hunger.

Desire Path II

Sometimes we need half-sleep
to set all the raw assumptions
made about our lives aside –

the sheet saddling the hip
a threadbare gesture

let the hand stray

unhinge and take
with care each divine fold
of doubt

day-dreams just now
clear their throats,
know enough
to keep to themselves

like purring things in the dark.

14 Summers

Press into me, grass
taut with no-breath,
this anticline hour:

The sun is a far-off place
we never coupled under.

Even as the garden bolts
and leans like thick necks,
I hold still –

Morning glory twines
towards the gloaming –

a vigil for the cupped
shadows; the way
autumn never hesitates.


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