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Stay by D.F. Paul

Communication Lapse

Communication Lapse

Lay with me. Hold me in your arms. Let’s keep the night at bay if only long enough to breathe — in each other, out ourselves — a cathartic symphony of Us. We are the single. We are the beast. We are the sun and moon and all the stars that never mattered while our eyes were closed. We will dream what we will dream, and the world will never know nor care to ask, and we will not tell. We will throw yesterday aside, sustained in the moment and the promise of tomorrow. We will be ourselves in each other, and something else entirely aside: one to one, one to another, but never the truth alone. There will be tears and blood on our hands, but not now, not yet. Now there is only Us if you’ll breathe with me. Stay with me.


4 thoughts on “Stay by D.F. Paul

  1. You open with a delightful respiratory metaphor that is the essence of this scene and continue with a very moving passage of love and commitment. Very well done.

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