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2 Poems by Kerry Hormann


The candle flickers, dances gently as the open window allows the cool evening breeze to invade.

My gaze is drawn to the wood grain across the table. The strange light works it’s deep magic on the intricate patterns, woven by god for hundreds of years.

The surface of the moon, gently flowing sand dunes, a river of endless swirls and eddies, smooth as glass yet weathered and rough as the Grand Canyon

The light plays tricks. An ocean – wind and waves. Then dancing to the music. It brings an intense warmth that you intimately know, but cannot feel.

As it flickers, I catch a twinkle from along the edge. The question that comes to mind is why couldn’t that twinkle come not from the back of the empty chair across from me, but instead from a loving pair of eyes?



Arm outstretched
An open hand inviting
Palpable hope of drawing near
Turns to sparks of anticipation
As the butterfly lands
Wings gently brush the air
As if to say hello
It lingers for a moment
Overwhelming the senses
With fragrant color
And piquant detail of ornament
While lost in admiration
The bond evaporates
One sided as it was
As she takes flight again


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