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The Joy Life Can Be by Edward O’Dwyer

My beautiful girlfriend says
the happiness we’ve found
in finding each other
is not something to be celebrated only
beneath sheets and duvets,
or behind the drawn curtains
or the closed door;
when we’re sure there’s no one looking.

No, no, she says it must be shared,
the sight and even sound and scent of it
released at every opportunity
into this sad and lonely world,
ever so desperately in need
of belief
in our kind of pure
and absolute happiness.

She says it’s nothing short of our duty
to walk through these streets
holding hands, smiling widely
and gazing warmly
into one another’s eyes,
never looking where we’re going,
sure that all these shoppers
out buying their contentments
will step aside
to watch as we breeze by.

She says a passionate clinch
and kiss with plenty of tongue
smack-dab in the middle of a crowded,
public place
can only do a world of good
to share what we have,
not a sliver of daylight
between our ripe, young bodies

and, as an example of this,
often refers back
to the time outside the bus station,
unaware as the rain began coming down,
we held each other so closely
and so intensely
for what must have been a full thirty minutes,
that staring, hopeless wino
suddenly believing in it, realising
the joy life can be.


5 thoughts on “The Joy Life Can Be by Edward O’Dwyer

  1. Oh no, you guys are those annoying people making out in public…NOOO! haha

    Still, the poem was beautiful and made me want to not be such an angsty bitch this Valentine’s Day.

    Thank you!

  2. Lovely in sentiment and expression. Your phrasing is a delight and adds to the complete happiness of this uplifting work. Memorable denouement. Very well done.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Ivy and Mike. Incidentally, angsty bitches might prefer this poem’s companion piece, ‘The Couples’, written from the point of view of someone alone feeling a bit like all the overPDAing going on is an elaborate conspiracy to piss them off…

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