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Drunken Romantic by Christy O Donnell

Oh my lord baby its cold outside,
Lets light a fire and get warm we can hide,
We can close the curtains and just cosy up,
Just you and me with wine we can sup,
We can lock the door and not be bothered,
And in the nice heat we can just be smothered,
I’ll make us safe in the fire’s warm glow,
And as we feel the heat well, you never know,
Put the shaggy rug by the fire nice and near,
And you will be safe with me have no fear,
Or I can run you a warm bubble bath,
And wash you down and all things like that,
As it’s so cold I will blow dry your hair?
And whisper sweet nothing’s close to your ear,
Or would you rather I cook you a meal,
And show you the culinary skills I can reveal,
Now wouldn’t it be nice us sat at the table,
You and I you know I am able,
Take my hand let us sit on the chair,
Let me stroke your beautiful hair,
There’s no one here but you and I,
Come here pretty lady with me will you lye,
And as we lay here side by side,
Know there’s little or nothing I shall hide,
Oh dear woman outside it’s so cold,
My thoughts are of you and I growing old,
All my senses are beginning to freeze,
Overwhelmed by romance please oh please,
Let us relax you in the arms of your man,
You know it’s easy and you know that you can,
For all I am is there inside you,
My feelings are sound and my love is true,
I love you dearly with all of my might,
Now open the door it’s a freezing cold night,
Hands now frozen together I’ll now rub,
I should have come home sober not drunk from the pub.

3 thoughts on “Drunken Romantic by Christy O Donnell

  1. A lovely structured piece with the rhyming couplets that aid the rhythm. It excels as a romantic monologue until the twist at the denouement and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Very well done.

  2. Thanks Christy! We’ll try not to get caught.

    Behind the humor of this poem is a very cozy duvet and a crackling fire.

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