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Racy Thinking by Christy O Donnell

Oh we spent the day in bed did the other half and I,
No sound passed between either lip nor ear,
And though we weren’t speaking I knew I had to try,
I lay alone upon my side and stiff with fear

She lay on her front and was looking all asleep,
Nice and warm underneath the eiderdown,
And as I moved a little closer I took myself a little peep,
If I reached out would she smile or would she frown,

I was cold and I was lonely yet I dare not make a sound,
Not a cough not a blink as she lay there,
She was warm she was cosy underneath that eiderdown,
In my mind I saw her nakedness laid bare,

Now the day was drawing closed and the night was on the way,
As my mind raced from where now I had to fight,
Here we were in bed with not a word to say,
And by now I was deeply troubled with my plight,

If she’d only give a signal or perhaps a little sign,
And I could then translate it in my head,
We could get a little closer and then what is hers may now be mine,
It wouldn’t be so cold on my side of this bed,

Now the night is fast upon us and I feel a little heat,
As from the far side of this bed she made a move,
My brain saw her turn over and the sight was such a treat,
And soon I thought we’d both be in the groove,

Then her lips they parted and she asked me for the time,
Saying has this day passed me by while I was asleep,
If this was all she has to say then I think I might be fine,
She followed with “the thing that’s in my back you sure can keep,

Here I was apart from her a lengthy inch or two,
And my manliness was fading quick and fast,
The whole day in this bed of ours and nothing else to do,
Foolish thinking that my thoughts would ever last,

Oh we’d spent the day in bed did the other half and I,
The only sound to pass from her lips to my ear,
It took all day to get close to her just so I could try,
There was no joy for my thoughts this much was clear,

When up she sits from her side and drops the eiderdown,
With a smile creeping slowly into place,
The lips upon my mouth went to smile instead of frown,
And we got wrapped around each other face to face.


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