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2 Poems by Ivan Jenson

The Birds and the Tease

Holy Cow…
cattle are kept from
flight by amazing
grazing green grass
gee whiz…
this anatomically
correct body
of mine
by temporary
immortality is
all I will
ever truly own
by golly…
you are but
eye candy
all gooey
inside and
riddled with
goings on
which means
by George…
your gorgeous
exterior is
a front
and a back
and a sideways
sleight of hand
skin flick trick
designed to
make me
how bout
we procreate

Love Part One

I never intended
us to end in innuendo
with lipstick stains
and a phone thrown out a window
I never fancied myself to be
a detective and for
your eyes to be the clue
never thought we’d
find ourselves tired
talking till six
about stuff
we had already been
though at midnight
never thought we
were capable of
such melodrama
or operatic overtures
in public places
but that is how it
played out
and will
continue to
like a movie
in our heads
I just came here
to pick up some
material things
and to see
if there is
any possibility
of a sequel


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