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A memory forms by Jeremy Nathan Marks

         Day begins behind closed lids; a red streak is all that I see. A maple at my window parted momentarily; the room is aureate. Every leaf has gone; no reflections.
         The forest canopy on the way to school is a ladder of shadows; there are lit wings circling when I look up. The floor has caught fire; light enters at forty-five degrees; morning sets my face ablaze. I look down; I pass beside the creek; my vision is merely schlieren of rolling grass. Frogs, flickers and crickets deafen.
         The door to our classroom open; her desk is beside mine. The day has grown hot; fans hum; passing gusts are felt. We are having a lesson; I hide my hand; run three fingers lightly along her back. I don’t know who sees me; the teacher speaks inaudibly.
         It becomes that moment of the day; the window a blazing door; the sun finds my face fully.
         Early morning again; I wake; I walk in croaking woods; my head deep beneath heights of leaves. Lit wings circle; grass is in flame; a breeze now gentle on my face; a soft droning flutter near my ear; her face close; tongue breaking that hot breath.
         I wake over and again; she is beside me; close in shadow; now under sheets; on my shoulder in every room: a hypnagogic partner.
         Inching by, the direct light has now fully passed. Blue fills the window; full crowned trees beyond it. I am slowly withdrawing my hand. We are learning grammar; it is over.


3 thoughts on “A memory forms by Jeremy Nathan Marks

  1. Prose by Jeremy Nathan Marks about young love and in a transcendental setting.
    Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.-Henry David Thoreau

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